At one point, I ran 50ish miles for one week cheap moncler

My first Half at Athens

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I had always liked running, but never took it seriously and was never very fast. At one point, I ran 50ish miles for one week cheap moncler sale (averaging a 10 minute mile), and then basically never ran again. After a several year hiatus, and feeling like I was getting old, I decided that I wanted to change something about myself. I decided get into running again.

At the end of October, I went out for my first run. It was 3.79 miles at a pace of 16:11 per mile. Two days later, I ran the same distance at a pace of 13:48 per mile. It kind of crazy how quickly your body adapts to new stressors and it insanely addicting to see your pace getting quicker. I kept running every 2 3 days and, by the end of November, I was down to a 9:40 minute mile over 4 miles. It was at this point that I decided that moncler uk outlet it was a good time in my life to sign up for a half marathon.

I used MapMyRun as my primary app for information about my runs. half marathon program. I chose that one because I liked the idea of only running 3 days a week and still seeing results. I lengthened this program by adding in repeats of the earlier weeks to help my body get conditioned for training. However, I got overzealous in early December and runner knee put me out for a month. After getting back on the bandwagon, I eased back into it and more or less stuck to the training program until about 2 weeks prior to the race. At that point, my schedule got kind of wonky and I was only able to run 1 mile 2 weeks before the race and 7 miles the week of the race.

I was really nervous for about a week prior to the race. I had never run in the rain before, and the weather forecast predicted thunderstorms all day. There were so many new things to moncler outlet prices think about, like how I try to keep my feet dry, what to do about chafing, if I get struck by lightning, etc. I decided to wear as little as possible + a hat to keep the rain out of moncler sale online my moncler sale outlet eyes, body glide everything, and spray some water repellent on my shoes.

Food wise, I heard carb loading was good pre race so that what I tried to do. but I didn really know what I was doing. so, I think I just got fat. I basically just ate all the carbs the week of the race and Moncler Outlet gained 5lbs. I pretty sure I didn need to really eat as many carbs as I did, but I also started experiencing some woman related bodily changes, so I sure that didn help. The morning of the race, I had a really weird smorgasbord of things. I had some mini Korean dumplings, 2 cheddar pierogies, oatmeal, and a banana. I know. So weird.

The very loud gun shot scared me, but I am also easily scared. Once I got composed again, I realized I hadn started my apps, so I fumbled with those for a bit and off I went.

Miles 1 5 were moncler outlet online pretty good! I could feel the adrenaline pushing me faster, but I tried to fight it, knowing that I get tired later on in the race if I kept the pace I was at.

I settled closer into my race pace during miles 6 8. It was at this point that I started to feel discomfort in my right arch, which made me change how the right side of my body landed. I think this started contributing to the knee pain I started feeling in my right knee. I also started feeling a little worn down, so I took a GU gel. After grabbing and chugging my first cup of Gatorade during the race, I realized that Gatorade wasn working for me and that my body preferred water. best moncler jackets Unfortunately, it wasn until about mile 9 that I realized that I could scream for water at the hydration stations instead of randomly being handed a cup of water/beverage.

I don know why this always happens to me, but whenever I run on my period, it gets really tough to run and my legs get really messed up, which take about a week to heal. I think this, in conjunction with the (65 degrees) heat and (90%) humidity, contributed to my body starting to break down around mile 10. Breathing started getting very difficult and picking up my legs was getting way harder. My form started breaking down and I think this pic of me might be when I started channeling the quintessence of a dying velociraptor. The guy behind me, however, was totally photo op ready! Ha!

At mile 12.75, I couldn take it anymore and started walking. My legs were dead and I felt hopeless, even though the finish was just over there yonder. Luckily uk moncler sale (??) for me, a man behind me moncler outlet woodbury screamed “NOT NOW!!!” at me, which scared the bejesus out of me and got my legs churning again. I got a brief second wind and ran with him for like.05 miles, after which point I pathetically told him to “just leave me” and waved him on. cheap moncler coats mens With that said, I didn stop jogging (albeit very slowly) until I got to the finish line.

Immediately post race, I was slightly disoriented maybe from dehydration and moncler outlet store tried not to bawl in front of my friends because I didn make my goal time. I know it sounds a little over the top that I was so emotional about not making my goal time, but I think it was also because I was a little hormonal. I engaged in post race celebrations by drinking hot apple cider spiked with a couple shots of rum, which was great because it warmed my old bones up. After I got back home, I napped for a couple of hours and did some stretching.

All in all, I think I did pretty well considering I just started running from scratch again in November. There another half in 5 weeks that I might try depending on how the weather is, and another one in September that I plan on training harder for. The first part of the race takes you through a little bit of the town, and then you head onto the bike path. It was nice to see parts of the bike path that I don normally see. Bits of the path are surrounded by trees, you run across a cute wooden bridge, and behind a few small buildings. Even though the weather wasn what I would consider ideal, it set moncler usa a nice mood for the moncler online store race kind of surreal, misty, and uk moncler outlet magical. At the very end, you run through the part of the bike path lined with cherry blossom flowers that just woke up a day before the race. It a very relaxing course and the race only has about 1200 people in it, so no bells and whistles like corrals. I liked it and have already signed up for the full next year! You cheap moncler jackets should try it! moncler outlet :).

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