When islands are the topic, most people visualize sunny places of unchanged, original natural beauty where you can stay on the beach all day, relax and do nothing. But not all islands are a slice of heaven. There are some islands on our planet that fascinate travelers, not with their sunny beaches but with dark curiosity. From abandoned prisons and asylums to nests of supernatural activities, here are the creepiest haunted islands around the world.

Alcatraz, USA

We’ll start this list with perhaps the most renowned haunted island on this list. You possibly saw some of the movies made about the famous prison or heard the stories about the legendary cell block D, also known as ‘the Hole’.

This is the most lively location in the prison when it comes to supernatural activity. Rumors have it that there were numerous occasions in which inmates shouted in terror throughout the night, claiming that an evil creature was strangling them.

Hart Island, USA

According to multiple sources, over one million people are buried in the deep pits of Hart Island. In the past, the island served as a narcotics rehabilitation center, a prison, a women’s asylum, a Cold War missile base, and a quarantine zone for yellow fever.

Hart Island is known as ‘the Island of the Dead’ and for a good reason. Over 85,000 bodies were exposed in mass graves so far and this number continues to rise. Today the island is home to a prison and inmates have reported several instances of supernatural activities in the past.

Deadman’s Island, Canada

According to the historical chronicle about the consequences of the period when Squamish people occupied British Colombia, something very strange happened on this island. During the war between the northern and southern tribes on the island, the Southerners captured 200 northern warriors and killed them on the spot. The next morning, the southerners found “flaming fire flowers” on the same spot where they threw the bodies. After this, they instantly fled the island in horror.

Furthermore, the list of supernatural activities on the island continued to grow over the last 100 years. Many people claim to have heard sounds of breaking glass, inhuman screams, spooky chanting sounds, glowing eyes in the fog, mysterious lights etc. There were attempts to turn the island in an amusement park and later, a navy base but both plans were ineffective due to reasons unknown to the public.

Isle of Wight, UK

There have been multiple cases of paranormal activity reports on the island but two particular places stand out. The first one is the Botanic Gardens, situated at the same place where the Royal Hospital for Chest Diseases used to be. There were multiple reports of strange men weeping and groaning in the garden.

The other one is the old manor house of Knighton Gorges. This house has been demolished since the 1800s. However, supposedly a ghostly apparition of the manor appears every New Year at midnight.

Poveglia, Italy

Back in the 1800s, this island served as a quarantine station for the Bubonic Plague. According to several sources, residents that had even the slightest signs of illness were thrown here against their will. If these rumors are true, that means that roughly 50% of the island’s soil is composed of dead human remains.

In the 1930s, the island became an asylum, where a doctor performed horrifying experiments on the patients. Eventually, the doctor went mad and threw himself from the island’s bell tower. The bell tower was later removed but locals still claim they can hear it echoing from the isolated island.

In recent years, several Italian construction companies attempted to restore the old hospital building but ended up abruptly stopping all activities without explanation. Today, the island is closed for both, locals and tourists. These two haunted islands are just a drop of the things you can see only in Italy and nowhere else on our planet.

Okinawa Island, Japan

Okinawa has a similar history to the one of Corregidor. During World War 2, the island witnessed 82 days of destruction which took the lives of 13,000 American soldiers, 90,000 Japanese soldiers, and over 100,000 civilians. In the end, the remaining 4,000 Japanese soldiers committed mass suicide to avoid getting captured by the enemy. In the years after the war, there have been multiple stories of haunted hospitals, eerie hotels, re-occurring suicides at odd locations, and even construction work getting interrupted over reports of paranormal activities.

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