Singapore is just a little north of the equator so it’s hot every day and warm every night of the year. March isn’t one of the thirstier months in Singapore, but the storms be likely to be short and the city is enormously well adapted to them so don’t let that average rain total keep you away.

Hotels in Singapore are now the most costly in Asia, and it’s important to be aware that most of the inexpensive rooms here come with no windows at all. After you find areasonable hotel, most other things can be inexpensive if you need them to be. The exceptional food at the famous hawker centres all over Singapore is very reasonable, and quite an experience in itself. Alcohol in bars is very expensive, but beers at hawker stalls or economy restaurants isn’t bad.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

If you are considering for another great destination to add to your Bangkok trip, consider Siem Reap. You may know that this city is famed because it’s built at the entrance to the amazing Angkor Wat temple complex, which is easily the most imposing sight in southern Asia.

This is a small and touristy town that is actually a lot of fun on its own. It’s the kind of place that many people come for two days and end up continuing a week or more. Hotels and food here are quite economical as well.

LuangPrabang, Laos

Yet another outstanding stop on a tour of southeast Asia is LuangPrabang, which is still very enjoyable in March. It’s also in the north of the region, so the chiller evening temperatures are very nice after spending a week or more in the sizzling cities down south.

Laos in common is a very laid-back country, and LuangPrabang is its best tourist city. There is plenty to see and do, but it’s also just exciting to experience the contrast of Laos linked to the hectic pace of Thailand or Vietnam.

Hanoi, Vietnam

March might be the finest month to visit Vietnam, at least if you plan on touring Hanoi as well as Saigon in the south. As you can understand, the March weather in Hanoi is pretty much seamless, with warm days and mild nights. Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City  is very scorching all year, so being able to mix in a cooler place is very comfortable.

Hanoi is also home to Vietnam’s best food, and the combination of French and traditional Asian influences is a pure delight. This is also another very inexpensive cities with surprisingly nice hotels and restaurants at far lesser prices than you’d find in Bangkok or even Saigon.

Hong Kong

March is one of the finest months for a visit to Hong Kong, since this city is extremely rainy from mid April to mid October. March has pleasing temperatures day and night, and the city can simply handle the little rainfall this time of year.

Hotels in Hong Kong are fairly costly for Asia, but unlike Singapore, you still can find good bargains even in central locations such as Hong Kong Island itself. The food here is incredible and it’s still possible to get cheap meals if you tail the locals into noodle shops rather than other tourists into hotel restaurants.

Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay Island quiet feels like a secret for many of us, and many of those people come back each year. This island is not easy to reach compared to most other places on this list, and that is partly why it’s so lovely and not excessively built up. Boracay is lined by outstanding beaches, and yet it still feels like an old-school resort since there is almost no car traffic and most people get around on the sandy footpaths along the beach.

Hotels here are good value, even if there are very few inexpensive hotels on the island. The good news is that nearly every hotel is either on the beach or no more than a three-minute walk from the beach, so there are no bad locations at all. The eastern side of the island is usually breezy, and it’s where people stay who are doing kite surfing and such. It’s worth noting that the entire island was closed to visitors for six months in the middle of 2018 so they can advance their plumbing and infrastructure. It’s open again and should be in fantastic form to welcome visitors back.

Malé, Maldives

Most likely you don’t really want to spend any time in Malé itself, as it’s small, crowded, and has nearly no valuable attractions. But you probably DO want to fly into the Maldives in order to visit one of the astonishing resorts here, and March is yet another great weather month in this area.

Maldives water villas, which are known as overwater bungalows elsewhere, start at around US$300 per night, but the top value places are the all-inclusive resorts starting around US$500 per night. I highly recommend Meeru Island Resort which typically has the best deals of the all-inclusive resorts, with vast Jacuzzi water villas at rates alike to much smaller water villas elsewhere.

Pokhara, Nepal

Until you start planning a trip to Nepal, you undoubtedly haven’t heard of Pokhara. Kathmandu is the capital city and main access point, but Nepal is all about trekking and scenery, and Pokhara is the main hub for those things, so most tourists fly here or take a bus after only a couple days in the busy capital.

The March weather is very enjoyable with very little rainfall, so this is one of the most popular months of the year here. Even still, things in Pokhara are famously inexpensive, at least until you hire a guide and go on a trek into the nearby mountains. This has actually spent time as the world’s inexpensive tourist city for a few years based on our annual Global Backpacker Index.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo is one of Asia’s large cities that can be annoying for a visitor, and the real charm in visiting Sri Lanka is elsewhere, so don’t plan on lingering in the capital. March is a decent weather month in most of the south of the island, and it’s even cooler in the tourist-friendly towns in the hills.

Sri Lanka still feels honestly undiscovered because it was off the tourist trail for so long due to a civil conflict. Now that it’s safe and friendly again, the tourism industry is starting to grow. There still aren’t many economy hotels, but the mid-priced places are very good value.

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