Beer Cans with braille codes

How does a visually impaired person pick out a can of beer from other canned non-beer beverages? By feeling the braille on the top of the can—if you’re in Japan, at least.

Beer manufacturers in Japan have started stamping braille on the top of cans that spells out “alcohol” or, if made by Kirin Brewery, “Kirin Beer.” Whether this will increase the number of drunk blind people on the streets is not yet known.

Baby Seats in Bathroom

We can call Japan a baby friendly country. More importance is given to babies. Public toilets with great children’s facilities can be found everywhere – on the streets, in malls and even in trains. Great facilities means really GREAT! They all have a changing table, special sinks for washing up, and handy baby chairs mounted to the wall where your little one can sit safely while you are otherwise occupied

Wash and reuse .

Japan uses a special sink called SinkTwice. It is a sink that attaches to the top of your toilet, replacing your current toilet lid, and allows you to clean you hands using fresh water and reusing that water in the toilet for your next flush. Why waste all that water washing your hands.

What Commuters did to save a woman

The incident had occurred on May 6 in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province in China.  The woman had reportedly slipped and got her leg stuck between the train’s carriage and the platform.

It took the collected effort of commuters and rail staff to successfully push the train so the woman could be helped. She luckily wasn’t badly hurt in the incident.

Koi Fishes live in drainage

Colourful koi fishes have found a comfortable home in Japan drainage channel. With this, Japan is on the list of the cleanest countries in the world with clean drainage channels. Walking around the street people are staring at the street channels just to see colourful koi fish swimming there happily. Koi fishes are interesting colourful fish, the name is translated of the Japanese word Koi that actually means Carp.

Expectations meet reality in japan

This is pretty much the case for all eateries in Japan. Everything is picture perfect. When you walk into a bakery, you will stand confused seeing the actual food and display food.

Wipes For Smartphones in Japan

With an idea to promote hygiene among the masses, Japan has introduced a new kind of ‘toilet paper’ to clean smartphone screens! Yes you heard it right. As per various studies, a smartphone screen contains more germs that a toilet seat. To curb this unhygienic practice, Japan’s Narita international airport have installed these special toilet papers for all smartphone users.

Train With Foot baths

You may be familiar with nail salons and massage parlors in airports, but a foot bath train will probably surprise you. Kinetsu Railway Co. has installed Japanese cypress wood foot baths in the second of the three cars on the Tsudoi tourist train. The foot baths are filled with hot spring water from Mie prefecture’s KomonoOnsen hot spring.

Smart phone holders to take selfies

At Some Tourist Spots In Japan There Are Stands To Hold Your Smartphone So You Can Take Good Selfies. Everyone would love to take good selfies when they go out with their loved ones. If you are that kind of person, then japan awaits you. You can find some places that contains mobile holder to take selfies.

Tsukuba Apology

According to the statement, the train pulled out of a station stop at 9:44:20, rather than 9:44:40, due to staff members failing to check the departure timetable.

The company released its heartfelt apology despite the fact that it received no customer complaints over the scheduling

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