The Body will never decay whether it is thousand or ten thousand years old JEEVA SAMADHI of a person is filled with everlasting life force. Conceptually, by spiritual practices, life is not allowed to leave the body. The seed cells in the body never get damaged. Such a person stops the functions of the body after completion of the mission by his own will. The mind is fixed with the Almighty and the body stops functioning. The body is then buried and will never decay whether it is thousand or ten thousand years old, because the magnetic force in the body itself acts as a life force in the body. As “unseen masters” or they guide the human race to wisdom.‘Jeevan’ the soul of life remains in ‘Samadhi’ forever with no activity, no decay or growth, and the time limit for the ‘Samadhi’ status depends upon the saint’s bio-magnetic strength, which may vary in terms of hundreds of years. Until then, the soul in samadhi stage will continue to bless the devotees. The place around the Jeeva Samadhi has very high spiritual magnetic force and this can be sensed by the ‘gnana’ aspirant. If these places are maintained properly, they can become ‘energy banks’. In India there are many Jeeva Samadhis. All the popular temples in India have one or more ‘Jeeva Samadhis’ and they accord relief to people visiting them. The temples formed around these shrines are also believed to have powerful and intense magnetic fields.

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