Special Poojas & Prayers

Homams and Poojas are performed for a particular deity by invoking Agni, the God of fire. The Sun is considered as the main source of energy, and fire is considered as a representation of the Sun’s energy. According to the ancient texts on Homams, anything offered in a Fire towards God, is actually an offer to Sun. Any such offer is done either to enrich energy or to destroy the undesirable elements in the environment, and thus, in both ways, environment is protected. Poojas, Homams are also believed to be one of the greatest rituals in Hindu religion, whereby performing this, one can get rid of any obstacles and also attain self-satisfaction. The idea of all Homams is the prosperity of the people by energizing and protecting the environment. It is told that when Lord Brahma (the creator among the Trinity) created a human, he also created Homam for human’s  livelihood and their attainment of desires. The main aim of Homam is derived from the Vedas or from the ancient texts of Hindus. These Vedas explain as to how a human should be, how they should be helpful to others and the good actions that they should perform. Vedas and Homam are eternal truth which have neither a beginning nor end, and are divine, not the creation of humans.

To perform any Pooja or Homam, a Priest is appointed. While performing any Pooja, the Priest or Pandit ji perform the Pooja of the Lord Ganesh as Lord Ganesh holds a unique position in the Indian culture. For any ceremony or ritual, a Pooja is performed before beginning a new venture by invoking the power of Ganesh. A Kalash (brass or copper pot filled with sacred water) is placed with a coconut and different fruits, grains and betel  leaves in the front. After the Ganesh Pooja is completed, the Pooja of the respective God or Goddess and Yantra is performed on whose behalf the Homam is performed. This is done with the recitation of a Mantra for that particular deity with the offerings of water, Chandan (sandalwood) paste, Sindoor (vermilion), rice, milk mixed with floral-scented oil, flowers, fruits and sweets. After the Pooja is completed by the Priest, preparations are made for the Yagna or Homams (sacred fire ritual) to be performed. This is the last part of the Pooja and is performed for more than an hour.

A few things that are placed in the Agni (sacred fire) during Homam are said to transmit a kind of medicinal smoke and this smoke mixes in the air thereby curing few of the human diseases. Sandalwood, small pieces of Banyan tree, fragrant, 108 types of herbs and pure ghee are used as an offering to the Agni (sacred fire), with the recitation of Mantras. The smoke, which is emitted out of the Homams, purify the air and this smoke does not cause any air pollution and has a feel of some medicinal values. In the end, the Yantras are energized with the vibrations of the Mantras. The energized Yantras are thus empowered and enable the purpose for which they are being used.
While performing Homam, the Holiest Herbs are dropped in the sacred fire and each of the Herbs has divine benefit as detailed below.

Wood Apple – Blessed success in ventures……. Copra Coconut – Blessed for healthy victory and success with all projects and ventures……. Mahuwa Flowers – Blessed to have attractiveness over others with tricks and mesmerism……. Betel Nut Fruits – Blessed to cure skin diseases……. Pomegranate Fruits – Blessed uttered words become true and happen……. Citron Fruits – Blessed to redress bad evil eye sight……. Pumpkin – Blessed by destroying bad elements and enemies…… Sugarcane Piece – Blessed to cure skin diseases…… Pumpkin, Sugarcane Piece – Blessed for success and down fall of bad elements…… Citron Fruits – Blessed for development and improvement of all ventures…… Lemon Fruits – Blessed to get rid of worries and sorrow…… Puffed Rice – Blessed to overcome fear…… Sandal – Blessed to become knowledgeable (wisdom) …… Turmeric – Bestow attractiveness…… Cow milk – Blessed to have longevity of life…… Cow curd/ Yoghurt – Blessed for fertility and boon child…… Honey – Blessed to have gimmick and tricks power and develop music skills…… Ghee – Blessed to gain enormous wealth and profitability…… Coconut – Blessed for promotion in job and professional gain…… Silk clothes – Blessed family life prosperity…… Boiled Rice, Sweets – Blessed for positive thoughts, happiness & removing unwanted worries…… Small wooden sticks from 7 trees – Ashta Lakshmi Blessings (8 Lakshmis)……

Holiest Herbs, Silk Saree, Silk Towel, Silk Clothes, Saffron holder, Comb, Turmeric, Flowers, Lemon, Betel Leaf aveca, Amla, Cloves, Cinnamon – are used in the Homam and prayer for the blessings of Sri Ashta Lakshmi (8 Lakshmis) and longevity of husband life.(Dheerga Sumangali)
By conducting Homam, Prayer, Yaaham, The God, Goddess, Devas, Navagrahas, 5 elements, Kuladevadas, Grama Devadass, Ishta Devadass and our ancestors are made happy by their blessing of good benefits, break failures, ensure success, rid sorrows and get all kind of prosperities.

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